Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sew Crafty Mini Sewing Machine

These little sewing Machines are really neat. My mom found two of them packed away at her house. I have been playing around with them just to see how they work and all. For some reason some one put Bad on the bottom of one but I have been reading the reviews on this item and found that maybe it was just a Human Error to why they may have thought the one was bad. You just have to read the instructions, do not pull or push the paper let the machine do it. The both of them sew perfect, and when it feels like it wants to jump check the tension, or maybe it's because the paper is to tight, so put another layer on the bottom. I have not quite decided what I will do with the other one. Been thinking maybe giving it away for either Member Rewards on Scrappers Delight but I have not quite decided. When the time is right I will know in the meantime I will be enjoying playing with one of these little sewing machines.


Andria said...

Wow, how lucky to find to sewing machines, another thing on my evergrowing wishlist lol. I have something for you on my blog.

Queenie said...

Woohoo that is nifty and a great size,i love love my sewing machine but seem to use it more on Paper than anything else now.

Lise Pitre said...

Hi there
Was wondering if you did buy the sew crafty mini from pro craft. If so, would you be kind enough to produce a video of the steps to thread it I am so ignorant when it comes to sewing.Ihop e you can find it in your heart to do this for me