Friday, March 27, 2009

Thin Mint Page

Thin Mint Page, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

This page was done for fun but I also did it for the Green Challenge on Flickr: Scrap Card Making Group. It’s not a card but its defiantly GREEN and it’s made with things that I reused. The Challenge was to come up with ways of using house whole items that you are going to throw away and if you can use it on your project. Water bottles have cool textures maybe roll it in a stamp and use it as a print. Labels on packages are very nicely colored cut out things from the plastic. Mail outs, the junk mail sometimes has really pretty things on it maybe us it to cut stuff out of to. So when our very nice UPS guy gave Penelope her very own Thin Mint when he came to eat lunch one day. I tock that as my opportunity to make this page for her. I really did not think it was a Green page till I started it. I tock the box of Thin Mints and cut it up most of the materials where scraps of paper that I had I only purchased the big green paper in the background and the paper that I mated the pictures on, oh yeah and the ribbon. The Buttons belonged to my grandmother and was in her sowing box I have been keeping them for something now they have a new home.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thin Mints Nutrition Facts

I need your help. I am working on a Scrapbook page for Penelope and I have seen in the stores the Mommy to be Nutrition Facts and the new baby Girl and Boy I wanted to change this one for the goodness of Girl Scout cookies.

If you have any suggestions on what I could put let me know I am open for ideas.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Header

So since I got my Wabcom Bamboo & Adobe Elements 6 Software I have been trying to learn how to work it. There are times that I just got so frustrated with it because I just didn’t understand it at all, since I was so used to working in the older Adobe Software. When I first begin I really at the time did not know what I would try first but I really liked the card that I made for my friend and I thought maybe I would try turning the picture that I tock of it into the header for here. I did cheat a little and save the file and go to my older computer and do it the way I know how on that one and then save it again and go back to the new adobe. I probably should not of done that but I don’t quite get the jiff of how this new Adobe works. In time I will probably LOVE it but until then I will have to take it one step at a time and learn what I can when I can. Hope you like it; maybe if I get sometime I will create the New Scraptastic Award too before the end of the month. I have no idea what I will start with on that one.

Makes My Heart Smile Blog Award

Another lovely blog award from my friend Andria at

Here are the Rules:
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So here are my picks:
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Swap Kit

Swap Kit
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
This is the card kit from Teddyree. I like how she bends the flowers I don’t think I would have thought of that. Thanks for the tip, I also liked the rhinestones they really added a lot to the card and they were not even something really big but they add a lot. I might actually try this on some of my cards know. Thanks for that tip too. I really enjoyed this card. I may have had some hard time with placing the Hug down and spacing it on correctly but I really liked it all. Thank you I had fun with it tonight.
This is how I did the back so that I could remember who this card came from.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank you gift!!

In February I received a package from a friend in my Flickr group, as a thank you for all I do for the group. She had sent me all these wonderful things along with this card. I have been trying to think of a way to thank her. She didn’t have to do this and I have enjoyed coming up with some ideas of what I will use some of these things for. Although I have not had the chance to use a lot of these just yet I plain on using them as soon as the perfect thought comes to mind. So as a thank you I will be sending her this:

I am sending her a Betty Boop Stamp that I no longer use. I got it some time ago so I don’t even know if you can get this stamp anymore. I also found this little owl that I just really thought was to cute and I purchased 3 of them one for her one for me and one I can’t tell you yet what I will do with it. Then I found these little note cards that I though she may enjoy doing something with, and 5 little hair bows for her 5 little fur friends. I also found this felt, I had seen Neall Hyman on Paperclipping us it before on her iTunes Podcast. She really made them look very nice. I thought she would like to play around with it and see what she could come up with. She will be getting 4 ½ years of this. Oh yeah and a die cut that I made of the Bird with Leaves this is from Sizzix.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day Tag

This is a St. Patrick’s Day tag that I made for the ladies night at my husband Lodge. This was my first tag that I made. It’s not the greatest but I thought it was cute and I would share it with you guys. I put it together kind of fast I would have liked to do a little more and maybe not so big of a main cut on the front. If I have time I might make another one just to play with.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I just had to share this with you guys, it’s way to cute. This is Penelope Singing along with her Piano. We got this piano at an antique shop in Boerne, TX. Best I can tell from reading online it's from the 50-60's, and it still plays great!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Best Blog Comment Award

This award comes from my friend Karen Lee, at A Place to Share my Stuff. She always has very nice things to say about my postings. Thank you Karen for stopping by and allowing me to pass on this award to some of my other friends that stops in to leave me comments. So I have looked everywhere for one of your pages addresses and I can't find it so I hope that you will probably comment and leave them here. These are my nominations for the 5 to recieve this award:

Sheree - Exserps from the Edge:
Tracy- Queenies:
Jana - 2 Worlds:
Andria - Iona-Rose:
Sheila I hope I have the rght e-mail for you. Please leave me your web address.

Okay girls please accept your award and post it on your blog and select 5 others to receive it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wabcom Bamboo & Adobe Elements 6

Since I got this new computer with Vista a lot of my creative design element programs don’t convert over. I even had my husband look at it to make sure I was doing it right and it was not just me. I have had these programs since 1998 it was time to upgrade. I use to us Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1.0, yes that is an old one but I liked it very much. Know I have jumped all the way to Adobe Elements 6 and I’m like wow what a deferent’s. I need help I don’t know how to work it very well any suggestions on where I can go to learn? I’m open for ideas I have looked on You Tube and that does have helpful information but I need more maybe even like how Apple has the classes on how to work things. I would not mind that, if you have ideas let me know I would like to hear how you like your Bamboo if you have one and how you learned about the Adobe solfware other then just playing around with it. I got mine for Graphic Design purposes since I make logos for customers.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Swap Kit for Flickr: Scrap Card Making Group

This video is for the Flickr: Scrap Card Making Group. We are doing a Kit Swap and this is the Kit that I will be sending to my person in the group. I hope they like it!!