Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finished Pages for Penelope's Scrapbook

Ok here are the finished pages you might have seen this before they are posted at the very bottom of the page, the before, and this is the after. I tried to mat them on paper that would complement the page because I thought that the paper was so pretty. Not really sure how I like it. I don't think it looks too bad.

Oh and before I forget I hope that all of you’ll have a very Happy New Years tonight and for the rest of the new year bring you plenty of happy memories that you will be able to scrap about, Memories that last a life time.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank you card for Frank and Karla

For Christmas I received a set of Postcard Note Cards from a very sweet couple that always helps out at one of my husbands non-profits. So I was looking at them the other night and I was thinking about Frank and Karla and I thought well I should turn this into a Thank you Card for them and that’s what I did.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Dad's Birthday Card

Today was my dad’s birthday! He was a hard person to make a card for but this is what I came up with. I like to make my cards personal he has no hobby and he sells Cash Registers so how was I supposed to make something for him around that. His second love is Penelope and that's what I worked around on his card. Penelope was close to New Born in these pictures she was very small nothing really fit her very well.

Custom Turned Designs

My first try at pen making
Originally uploaded by
So my husband has this hobby and he wanted me to share it all with you girls!! He just started it and I have provided a link to his New Blog page that I created for him He has been in the woodpile and he looks at everyone’s pile of brush now when he finds great pieces of wood he makes pins from branches of trees. One of these shown is actually turned from one of the two trees at our house, the center one is Pecan. They made excellent Christmas presents this year for the family. He would like to start to sell them. He has not got the site up and going all just yet because he is just learning how to work the site but he would like to set it up so that you can purchase them there too. All of his items are one of a kind and no one thing is the same as the other. He is planning on making other items so please check him out when you can I have a link on the left side of my page also set up.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Long Horns Card

Long Horns Card
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
This card is for my sister in law that lives in New York. She graduated from UT in Austin. So she misses home quite a bit. I thought this would be the perfected card for her. She is trying to get discovered, because she does fantastic little art cartoons. Right know she currently works for the people that make baseball cards. She is on the design team that is coming up with new ideas for the cards. She was working for a company that did the Charmin commercials with the bears. Her work is very unique and all her characters she draws have a little personality, she is very artistic. Maybe you can check out her stuff and see what I mean.

Shawn's Christmas Card

Ok So this card is for Vicky's Boyfriend Shawn!! Hope you liked it, I put a lot of thought into the cards and I wanted to make them very personal so all I know about you was that you were from New York!! I thought this card would remind you of Home!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My First Award!!!

I can’t believe this I received my very first award from my friend Andria in the UK!! This is very awesome I put a lot of thought into which ones should receive the Award, so I hope that you will have just as mush fun thinking about who you will give your award too. Here is what I had to do. I had to think about 5 things I was addicted to and 5 people that should receive the award next.
Here are my answers, 5 things I am addicted to:
1. My husbands Love!! He does so much to make our little family a success!!!
2. My little girl that is 8 months old, she can turn any day bright even if she is not happy at that time, just being around her brings me joy.
3. The spirit of Christmas because I love to give to my family.
4. Card Making because I have made so many and I enjoy seeing what the finished predicted looks like.
5. This one may sound crazy but my husband says that I try to hard to make people happy.

This one was hard to come up with. I have so many friends that I like to go look at there pages so if you were missed then please understand I had to chose only 5 Recipients:
1. Jana_NJ
2. Jasmine
3. Janrobi
4. Doakie's Creations
5. Happy Scrappin

Flickr: Scrap Card Making

Ok this card was one I made for the Christmas Card Swap on Flickr: Scrap Card Making. I mailed it off to my secret person for her Christmas Surprise but she has not posted that she has received it yet and I know she probably has because she too was in TEXAS so I just can’t wait any longer to keep this card a secret any longer I had to share it with the world.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Parents Christmas Card

This card is for my Parents! I realized that I didn't have a card for them on Saturday when I was going though all of the cards and checking them off the list. So I had received a card in the mail from a friend and her card was nice and it was my inspiration to create this one. I liked some of the elements that were on that card and I applied similar ideas to mine.

Christmas Card

Christmas Card
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
This card at first didn't have a person that I was going to give it to. It kind of at the time was my extra card. So I decided to give it to my Sprint Representative. She is the sweetest person that works at Sprint!!! She worked with our business though many concerns we had about our phones and helped to solve some of our problems with the phone bills. When I was pregnant and the day before I went into the Hospital she came into the shop to give me a gift for Penelope. She keeps a picture of Penelope on her Cell and whenever she gets a new phone Penny goes with her!! How sweet is that, you truly can't find a nicer person that works at sprint!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Randy's Birthday Card

Ok so here is Randy's Birthday Card. I didn't know what to do for him because he is so very much in to Guitar Hero, his dad’s electric guitars and Rock Band!! He wears black and it was really hard to make him a card that would fit his personality. This is what I came up with the Happy Birthday that is really hard to see at the top was done with Metallic Markers. I used my Cricut to cut out his name. I found the Electric Guitar on the Internet and cut it out and used my markers to make a shadow effect under it. I also used my deferent cutting scissors on the edge to make the borders. The Cupcake well it came out way better then I had expected. I did the inside with in like 20minits I was in a hoary to get out the door with it. I used the Cricut to cut out the cupcake and I glued the sides of the cupcake down and tucked some money inside. I thought that was cool because the cupcake looks like it's popping off the page ready too eat. Oh I used sparkly brown mist to create an icing swirls look to it. That’s hard to see though.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ABC Books

So when I get the chance I have been working on my set of letters for the ABC Books. I still need to complete letters O and P hopefully once the New Year is over things will start to slow back down. These books when they are complete will go to Methodists Children's Hospital Blue Birds Auxiliary for them to donate to New Moms. This Project is open to anyone that would like to help. It would be a great Service project for a Girl Scout troop, or Brownies, or even if you just want to help out a good cause. Please contacted me and I will send you the information needed along with supplies.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Award for YOU to have on your page!

Ok so I have been trying to make this Award that I would like to put on your blog page saying that I like your page. But I have been having some difficulties with how to make it an HTML/JavaScript button. If you by chance know the easiest web site that will allow you to do it then I would greatly appreciate your advice!! For the mean time I am currently taking applications for the web button. In order to receive the first button I need you to apply.

How to apply to receive the button:
Post a comment here and leave me your web site address so I can go check it out. The web site has to be a creative and the work has to be your own. I don’t award this button to retail sellers or distributors. Sorry I truly love you all but to me it’s not the product that I am looking for, it’s the creativity. Know that we are on that topic any age can apply, but pages must contain of Scrapbooking, Card Making, and Paper Crafts. So leave me a comment along with your web site and I will check you out. If you would like to learn more about the rules then please contacted me. ***Nominations are closed, but you can go to the new nominated people’s pages and post a nice little comment on their pages and if they like your sight then maybe you will be next to be nominated!!***

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Cookie Recipe Cards

These Recipe Cards are gifts for friends at a party. One person for blue Santa will receive the really cute mine cookie cutters that I bought at a craft store on sale. I thought I would include some recipes to go along with them. I made one set for the gift and a few extra for the guest that come. I hope everyone will enjoy them!! I will enjoy the cookies when they bring them for me to eat! =)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mystery Christmas Dies

Ok so in the attempted to get some bidding going on my items on e-bay I am posting what will be giving as the mystery dies. All of these have been assembled and cut with the Cricut Expression. The Merry Christmas may need to be reposted with some spray glue sorry I don’t have any and the glue stick that I use was a last mint decision at the craft store that was not thought out too well. The penguin needs eye I thought buyer would like to put thoughts on. Thanks for looking and have a great Holiday!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And we are OFF!!

So you have read many times about the trees going to be for table decorations for our Christmas Party. Well if you are wondering what Masons are then maybe this link will help: My husband is Master of his Lodge San Antonio Lodge Number 1079. They are a group of men that when they all put their minds together they can accomplish many good and great things. This weekend is the beginning of the annual event called Grand Lodge. All the lodges in Texas assemble in one location that being Waco, TX and they go and vote on things they would like for the New Year in their own lodges. I have only been to installations and other opened events, they are kind of intersection for someone that wants to understand more about the Funereal Organization. They also have things for their youth in the family, Rainbow Girls, DeMolay, there was Job’s Daughters and the Order of the Eastern Star. They all do really great things if you would like I am in charge of one of the projects for my husband’s lodge just as a helping hand. The wife’s can help without side events here is our group if you would like to check it out. We are creation the ABC Books that will be given to the Methodists Blue Birds for new moms. So if your husband’s a Mason no matter what region of the earth they are everywhere and many US presidents have been masons your welcome to join our group and help with our ABC Books I will send you the paper. See what my sister-in-law has done to help.

Christmas Trees Completed!!

So here they all are!! Finally they are all finished!! I will put 2 trees per table for the party there is 5 tables! I think they came out very nice. Witch one is your favorite? Mine is the white one.

I had some comments on a forum about how to make these so here are the directions good luck and if you have any questions I will try to help you with a little more explanation.

All I ask is that you do not summit this project to be published without my OK. I came up with this idea just by looking at another picture in a magazine and it was a metal tree I believe.

3Demantali Christmas Tree
Items Needed:
Cuttlebug Machine and spacers
Cuttlebug 2''x2'' Dies 4/pkg-Flower #1
Cuttlebug 2''X2'' Die-Snowflake #2 or Star punch
Something to punch a small hole not a hole punch size just a little smaller.
Thin Popsicle Sticks
Pretty paper of your choice for Tree and Star
Craft Glue and Glue Stick or glue dots

How To:
Cut your Flower dies from the paper that you’re planning to make your tree from, one of each 4.

Then cute 2 of the lager Star from the Snowflake die or use your Star punch.

Then punch your hole in the center of the 4 flowers.

Next cut a line between the scalps of the flower to the hole, do not cut the flower in two.

Now it’s time to assemble the tree, start with the larger flower first. You have a choice of gluing the flower overlapping one or two of the scalp parts of the flowers. (I made a verity of both types.) As you’re doing this you need to make sure that your stick will fit in the hole that you’re going to be leaving so as your gluing the flower you should check the popsicle stick if it will fit in the middle of the hole your leaving. You can put a little bit of the Craft glue to hold it in place on the Popsicle stick for the trees stem. You will do this for all 4 remember to start with the bottom up, leaving a small bit to attach the star.

Last but no means last you will glue your stars on the top of the stick. Hopefully you left some room on the stick. You should glue one star on one side and the other on the other side, back to back with the stick in the middle.

The tree is complete now; you will have to come up with your own stand. I used soda pop bottle leads. You could use clay and form it so that it looks like a dress skirt.

Hope this helps have fun in making them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Christmas Dies

New Christmas Dies
Originally uploaded by
Ok so I thought I would make some other things to go with the auction on e-bay currently up on e-bay click title of this posting to go directly to item number: 130273401588. If you’re interested in these dies know let me know I will sell them .50 a die. The winter and the Snowflake border are not assembled I thought that the buyer might want to do something different with them. The items that came from the Cricut Expression are the Christmas Trees shown, the Winter, and the Snowflake border. The Snowman, the Snowflakes, the House with Smock, the Red and White Flowers mint to look like Peppermints, was all cut with the Cuttlebug. Buyer will receive a set of mystery Christmas dies.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New in Town!!

This weekend I went to this new store in town. I didn’t get to look much at the line of paper but the store did have some thing really cool about this location. They actually sell Dies and Die Cutting Machines, no Cricut though just QuicKutz and the Pink QuicKutz Squeeze. I was really imprested with that, and I had never had the chance to test out a cutting machine before I purchase it. They had them both out for you to play with. I thought that was really handy for the customers because I had no idea that the QuicKutz was magnetic. That was very interesting to learn, oh and they have $1.00 dies for the season great buys if you need little gingerbread people or Christmas trees and other things. They also had the Alpha for $15.99 that's a pretty good price! I was very imprested so if you’re ever in the San Antonio, TX area and like to check out our stores then try this one.


Christmas Die Cuts

Christmas Die Cuts
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
These dies will be on e-bay for sell tonight. I made them with my Cuttlebug before I had got my new toy!! I made the snowman's hat by hand and added the little flower to make it look a little like Frosty the Snowman. I more then likely will include some mystery dies from my Cricut Expressions and Cuttlebug for highest bidder. I will add the link for easy access on the title tonight.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My New TOY!!!

So I guess good things come to thoughts that wait is true!! My family truly didn’t really forget about my birthday due to the unfortunate events that happened on my birthday. Friday I received my Birthday check form work Finally and then today I went to my mother in laws house there 2 other birthday items where waiting for me. They were in small envelopes. So when I opened them there was Money inside. Know I didn’t know that my husband had been spreading the roomer around that I wanted a Cricut the amount of money that I received from the gifts I was able to get the Cricut Expression for $199.00 at Wal-Mart!! I was so excited, although we did have to go to one Walmart to the next to find it but I have to say that a Nice lady at the Michael’s tipped me off to the savings at Wal-Mart. I was just about to get the Cricut Create Machine when she told me to go to Wal-Mart!! Thanks so much if you ever read this!! I just need to learn how to use this thing know.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Snowman Ornaments

Here is a snowman that I made to go along with the trees. I was going to use the glue dots to make him stay upright on the tables and then let our guest take them home to hang on their trees. I found these cute little guys at Michaels, 4 for 3.99 not too bad.

Bearbucks Christmas Card

This is a card for my Mother in law, she LOVES Starbucks so much she goes there every day. I used the embellishment of the bearbucks from she has other items that are very cute you may want to check out her web site. Most of the other items are from my cuttlebug but I can't be for sure what the bear is because I purchased the die off e-bay and the seller would not reveal to me what brand it was. The green flower was also a gift with the purchase of the bearbucks from I also used a rub-on for the "Happy Holiday's."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today is my birthday!!

So today is my birthday and what a wild ride life has through to me today!!! It so has been one of the most scariest day’s of my life I think, and not because I’m getting older either. I hope that when I get the opportunity to kick back and chill out I can and maybe make something fun with these cool little stickers. I love the pop up flower stickers that she got for me and I think they will work really pretty with that paper I found. I hope that maybe I will be lucky again to find another page of that same paper. Anyway if your reading this Vicky THANK YOU I SO LOVE MY GIFT!!!

ABC Books

Here are some pages that my sister in law made for the ABC books that the Yahoo Masonic Craft Group is working on. These books are going to be donated to new moms. I think her pages look so fun and I think the kids will enjoy looking at them with all the colors she has used on the pages. If you would like to help with this project all is welcomed. All you have to do is contacted me by either responding to this posting with a comment or maybe trying to email me for the groups e-mail and I will be glade to send you the paper and the other letters that need to be made. I will also provide you with what I can on die cutes that I have available. This can be a really fun project if you have one of thought really nicer die cutting machines it was be very fast and simple for you to do. You could cut the letters and some of the other things that begin with that letter and get it accomplished really fast.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Suzanne & Jeff's Anniversary Card

This is a card for my mother and father in law’s anniversary. I think it is there 27th year, not real sure about that. Anyway, I made the card with this really pretty shinny paper that did not work well with stamps. They smeared really badly but I did try one of my pins and that did work a little better. I cut the rings out of one of my jewelry magazines that I got in the mail form one of the stores here in town. I used rub-ones for the rest of the words. Toughs worked really well much better then the stamps. I will have to keep that in mind the next time I use this paper.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Christmas Trees

So I had to take a brake form all the cards I have been making. Instead I have been making these trees using my cuttlebug die cutter and the flower cuts. They are coming out so neat, I have finally figured out how I will get them to stand on their own. My husband and I drink lots of watter and he drinks Coca Cola. So we had all these bottle caps and bottles and we got to thinking what if I use them by putting holes in the tops and sticking the sticks in to help them stand. I know the caps have writing on them but I everyone here in town is talking about going "Green" and recycling things. I just recycled it into nice trash I guess. I don't think it really matters what the caps say what do you think? I still have not come up with anything else to put with them just yet. I wanted to sprinkle some glitter but my husband said that might be a little messy to clean up, he's probably right. I have been trying to find maybe some Reindeer or a cute Santa that can stand on it's own but not having much lock on that right now. Maybe as the holiday gets closer.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
I was trying to get inspiration for another Christmas card and I sow this Christmas tree that looked similar to this in the Scrapbooks ect. Magazine. I started thinking what if I try this using my Cuttlebug Flower dies. They came out kind of cute I have an idea on how to get them to stand on their own but I forget to pick up a few other items at Michael’s today. The Masonic Craft Group that I am a member of is going to have a Christmas party for a Lutheran orphanage here in San Antonio, TX and I thinking these would make really cute and simple table decorations for our Christmas Dinner.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Jeff's Birthday Card

Jeff's Birthday Card
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
Here is my father in law's birthday card. He loves playing and collected guitars. I think the card looks kind of plain but my husband said to leave it that way because his dad will like it just like that. I was thinking about putting some Music Notes on it but since Dustin told me not to I left it alone. I used the Cuttlebug to cut out the letters on the "Happy Birthday." The texture of the letters are from one of my pictures of my little girl that the ink in the printer was running out of when I started printing the page. I thought the colors in the picture would look good on the card. So I guess you could say I went "Green" and recycled on this one.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Scrap Card Making Flickr Group!

Do you like making cards? Do you make cards for friends, family, birthdays, anniversaries, ect. Then this group is one that you can join. We post our pictures of cards that we have made on to one photostream. The group was created to help give each other inspiration and ideas. Sometimes you need that to get your brain moving. Hope you will join and participate in the discussions and take part in the challenges. We would love to have more members come in.

Please click on title of this posting or see Flickr Groups on the link to the left.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Silent Night Holy Night Christmas Card

This is another Christmas card that I made. I used the Cuttlebug die snowflake cutes and the embossing folder. I also used rub-ons. The idea for this card did come from card magazine but I did change it up and make it a little different. This is what the Magazine card looked like.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noel Card

Noel Card
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
Ok this card was so easy to make and since I have to make so many of them I like fast and easy. I thought that the paper complemented the rub-on very nicely. This was my first attempted to try rub-on’s and wow I can understand why so many people like to use them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Card 2

My Husband has a big family so I have to make quite a bit of these Christmas Cards. So when we went to Wal-Mart this weekend I tock a pick in one of the Card Craft Magazines to get some inspiration. This card I made so that it would when you open it would have some of the colorful paper on the inside like I did for the Snowman card. I tock on my artistic license to make the card more like the way I liked it. If I think about it I will post a picture of what the one in the Magazine looked like so that you’ll could compare the differences.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Snowman Christmas Mine Card

Christmas Card
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
This card was not planed; I was just playing with what I had at the time. I was hoping that the circles in the back ground would represent snow falling and then there to me was too many. I used the cuttlebug dies and I tried to emboss the tress on my own with my hand press holly embosser. I thought that came out rather interesting and I will probably try that again. The snowman also was a cuttlebug die but I thought the face was too hard to see so I used my stamp to embellish the face. I cut the snowman from that paper that you can make stickers from. I think this card came out ok but I want to try some other things and techniques.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Friends Birthday Card

Ok this is a Mimi Card that I made for my sister-in-law’s birthday. She is a little young I think maybe turning 11 years old. Anyway, my husband and I are trying to same money this year and we have started the Dave Ramsey savings plain way before the elections had even finished. This is one of my contributing to helping to save money by making the cards for family birthdays and extra. It takes a little time but I think the hand made cards have more character to them I hope they mean more to the receiver. This will be our gift this year for our many birthdays this month and Christmas presents. Maybe a picture of Penelope enclosed. So what do you think about the card?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Penelope's First Halloween2

Penelope's First Halloween2
Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81

So I tried my hand in digital Scrapbooking. This project was not to bad and it actually seams cheaper. I probably will not do this for Penelope really Halloween page since I have already got all of the stuff to make her pages. But I did enjoy making the page on the computer because I like making Graphic Designs for my costumer’s registers.

Friday, October 31, 2008

13 Days of Halloween: How well do you know scary movies?

This game was found in Paper Crafts Magazine: October 2008 issue. My cards are a little different from the ones they had on the magazine but I figured it was more fun to come up with my own idea instead. I also made a little extra cards for more fun! Hopefully some of the kid's tonight at the Halloween Party will enjoy them.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Havok's Thanks

Our Husky keeps getting out of our fence and our Neighbor is usually home when he is getting out and she tries to catch him for us. Or will go after him in their car. So for a thank you to them I made this little card. You can never have to many nice neighbors, usually you don’t have enough!!!

ABC Books

These ABC Books that are in the prose of making are going to be donated to the Methodists Children's Hospital Blue Birds Auxiliary.Every New mom that leaves the Hospital receives a bag with books we would like for our books to also be included in their bags. The goal is to make a total of Five Books but More is welcome if we accomplish more.The design of the book is very simple. If you take A you must have B because you will be putting B on the back of the A page. If your intrested in helping with this project then please e-mail me about the ABC books I can assign you some lettersalong with all paper for the books to keep them Uniform. Once one book is complete we can switch letters, someone might have ideas for other letters when they are thinking about their own.
To help with the creation of these books please let me know your interested either with a comment about this post or on the groups web site:

Metallic Halloween Dies

Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
This is another set of Halloween Dies that I sold on e-bay. This order also received free shipping. The Ghost was made out of tissue paper so I don't know if that is why the price of this particular item did not sell very well. I would have hoped to bring in more money then just $2.00. They also received a set of mystery dies that contained some hand cut dies that I cut from hand and created myself. If you are interested in a set of Halloween dies please let me know with either e-mail or a comment and we will talk about what you would like.

Halloween Die Cuts

Originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81
These dies were sold on e-bay. I offer free shipping on most orders. Pumpkins came with a set of Faces in several colors. The e-bay winner received a Mystery set of Halloween extra cuts. If you are interested in a set of Halloween dies please let me know with either e-mail or a comment and we will talk about what you would like. This last e-bay bidding brought me in $4.00 for what was shown.

Penelope's 6 Month Page

Here are my little girl’s 6-month pages. These photos have not been glued down yet because I wanted to know what everyone thought about the placement of the pictures. I am not happy with how the small pictures came out I would have liked to see them bigger. I do plain on tucking some of the pictures under the curly quos on the paper. What do you think?