Monday, December 1, 2008

New in Town!!

This weekend I went to this new store in town. I didn’t get to look much at the line of paper but the store did have some thing really cool about this location. They actually sell Dies and Die Cutting Machines, no Cricut though just QuicKutz and the Pink QuicKutz Squeeze. I was really imprested with that, and I had never had the chance to test out a cutting machine before I purchase it. They had them both out for you to play with. I thought that was really handy for the customers because I had no idea that the QuicKutz was magnetic. That was very interesting to learn, oh and they have $1.00 dies for the season great buys if you need little gingerbread people or Christmas trees and other things. They also had the Alpha for $15.99 that's a pretty good price! I was very imprested so if you’re ever in the San Antonio, TX area and like to check out our stores then try this one.