Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And we are OFF!!

So you have read many times about the trees going to be for table decorations for our Christmas Party. Well if you are wondering what Masons are then maybe this link will help: My husband is Master of his Lodge San Antonio Lodge Number 1079. They are a group of men that when they all put their minds together they can accomplish many good and great things. This weekend is the beginning of the annual event called Grand Lodge. All the lodges in Texas assemble in one location that being Waco, TX and they go and vote on things they would like for the New Year in their own lodges. I have only been to installations and other opened events, they are kind of intersection for someone that wants to understand more about the Funereal Organization. They also have things for their youth in the family, Rainbow Girls, DeMolay, there was Job’s Daughters and the Order of the Eastern Star. They all do really great things if you would like I am in charge of one of the projects for my husband’s lodge just as a helping hand. The wife’s can help without side events here is our group if you would like to check it out. We are creation the ABC Books that will be given to the Methodists Blue Birds for new moms. So if your husband’s a Mason no matter what region of the earth they are everywhere and many US presidents have been masons your welcome to join our group and help with our ABC Books I will send you the paper. See what my sister-in-law has done to help.