Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"ALZEHIMERS MEGA CANDY"IS HERE.....Until 29th October 2009

More candy from Jude: You can get you name in twice if you do some things to help her cause for Alzheimer’s.

Monday, September 21, 2009

We Are Home Owners!!

So on Sunday we closed on our new / gently used 2007 Jayco 29 BHS RV. Yeah I am so excited about it; I went and purchased a few items to place in the RV that day to make it ours. I even went throw my kitchen looking for things that I could add to it. It was so very nice of the perverse owners to give us with the RV a few things like utensils and plates to get us going. They even left some Toilet Paper, how kind now we know what to get. So here is what it looks like.

Last but no means least after my husband and I last night settled into our old 1950's home I realized I really should thank the sells man that was helping us at the location at Crestview, in Selma. We ended up going throw with an individual that needed to move this RV to pay for some other expenses. So last night while I was doing the Lundy I made this card and tock it to him today. His name was Jake and he was SO SO Helpful and if the deal didn’t go throw with the individual we were going to get a BREAND New RV that would have been smaller from him that is how nice we liked working with him. So I hope that he can put our card up on his desk and show it to his customers because we wrote a very nice letter about what type of person he is and how he did such a helpful job with us, and when we are ready to tread up he will be the one we go see First! So Jake if you happen to see this posting....Thank YOU and we will be seeing you around Crestview when we need parts.
I am so excited we have our first trip planed for 2 weeks from now to Del Rio but my husband just can’t wait we have the bug and we are itching to go some were. Today we went and purchased a generator so that we could go out This weekend instead, my family has about 35 accrues of opened land in Seguin, TX that has a well on it and that’s about all. Since our RV is a Self contained RV then we could just about camp there without any worries. The windmill if I recall needs repair but when I was a little girl with the well filled up I would play in the over flow sprout that made like a shower. It was so much fun then. Memories like this will make my little girls life so much happier. I think it will be so much fun to for Penelope to see the deer, jack rabbits, and Horny Toads. (is that spelled correctly?) Yes we can’t forget about the Snakes and oh my very big spiders out there but it’s defiantly an experience that she will never forget hopefully. Thankfully my aunt and uncle lives across the HWY if anything comes up, she is a retired RN that also RV’s the great US. So we will have some experts not to far away on the first time out in our RV.

Oh Please do leave me Suggestions on Parks and places to go!! We have to go to NY next year around the end of July and start of August. We would LOVE recommendations of places to visit!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Christmas Bazaar Cards for Alzehimers

This is another Christmas Card that I made too help out Jude's cause. Inside the card says, “With a cup of Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows.” If you want to take part in the help then please visit: to learn how you can help.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christmas Bazaar Cards for Alzehimers

This is my First Christmas Card this year that I have made to donate to help Jude with her Christmas Bazaar to help spread the massage about Alzheimer’s. I would like to take this time to invite all my readers to join in our Event on

Here is the Details:

I want to post this event know so that HOPEFULY we can get more response on it.

We will be making Christmas Cards to help benefit Judes mothers home; she is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Her mother’s home that cares for her is in need of funding and Jude has taken it upon herself to help with these bazaars. She is in need of the following items if you wish to make and include them in with your card it is more than welcomed: crafting Cards, Posted Note Covers, Bookmarks, and other paper craft items.

I ask that if you take part in this event that you try to make 2 to 4 cards, if that is all you are going to be making. If you make 1 card and several other items that is fine instead.

I will send you e-mail with her mailing address on it once everyone has RSVP to this event.

This is your opportunity to spread the Joy and Love early this Christmas. Please take this opportunity join our group and RSVP “yes” to help.

Here is the direct link to the event:
You must be a member to take part in this event on our page or your can contacted Jude at: for more information.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A card for my Neighbor

This card was in a magazine that I scrap lifted from. It was too cute and to me it was the perfect card for my neighbors. The original card said “The Grass Is Always Greener…” The reason why I changed it was because on Sunday when we came home from the pet expo our neighbor was out side BBQ and brought us a plait over. We thought that was so sweet they didn’t have to do that, but it was so good. Inside of my card I put, “from Neighbors like You!”

Blog Award

Thank you Tracy at for this award. I am a bit behind on posting this award so here is I need to post five things about yourself, and then pass it onto five wonderful blogers of this award.

This is kind of hard since I just posted my tags below that has 12 personal things about me so I am going to say that will cover my 5 things if that's ok with everyone.

Now the people that I am going to give this award too are the following:
1. Lori at
2. CraftySuz at
3. Anne at
4. Grandma's House of Cards
5. Expressions of Me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog Candy

More fabulous Blog Candy from Jude:

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Life In Paper Swap on Ning

This swap required us to make 12 tags that expressed who you were. These were my 12 enjoy learning a bit about me.
Welcome Family: Well this is my first tag and it makes since to me to have it first do to I have always put Family First. I love being around my family and my friends. My home is always welcome to them whenever they need it. I actually life in a small one story house that is from the 50’s I have a mint green bathroom and a EXTREAMLY small kitchen that is yellow. This house originally came with wood floors but for the 13 years that my parents lived in it never know there were really beautiful floors under that shag carpet. So when my husband and I moved in we ripped out the carped and found this wonderful floor. Unfortunately we didn’t have the money to repair some of the floors so we put the lamented floors down right on top that snaps together so that the floors one day could be restored. I wish that I could have more time to dedicated to the house and keep it tidier.
The Bridesmaid: Well, next year we will have to pack the family up for it's Family True First Trip just the three of us. It’s hard to come to reality thinking about that because there is so much that has to happen in order for us to go to NY on our end. Lots of Stress on us and very much work. I am excited about the trip but I get a bit stressed out when I think about what needs to happen to make it happen.
RV Style: Well, my husband and I have been considering the purchase of a RV. Why well, we sell and service most of South Texas and we travel a lot. You never know when a customer is going to call and say we are completely down and need you out NOW!! With this in mind we have been thinking this could be the answer we have been looking for to go to NY in. We would get to travel and enjoy our Vacation a bit more since we will be able to stop along the way and look at some really interesting things. Especially since I have only been around TX, New Mexico, Colorado and I flow to Georgia. My husband has been to just about the same place with a few ads like NY and Wyoming.
The Owls: Well if you were to take a peek in my stamp collection you would find not just a few of these owls but a good handful. I don’t even know why really other then they are so very cute. I don’t even like real owls not to be rude but they are not my favorite animals. I have even been considering the thought of purchasing some dies that are owls for my cuttlebug and cricut.
Amber’s Paw Stop: This is my second job. I sell dog shampoos, treats, custom made clothing, bedding, and greeting cards that I have been making. So far my little business has been doing very well. I am excited about each event that I go to and each time it seems to get a bit better. I hope that one day I will be able to have the money to have a store front selling these items. Please have a click over to I can ship just about anywhere. Twenty Eight: Most of my family and friends will not believe me this year when they ask, “How old are you know? And I respond with 28.” I struggle with people taking me serially most of the time since we both look like we are 18 or early 20’s. It’s extremely hard for me to deal with people not taking me serially I tend to get fed up with them and end up finding some body else that will take me serially or I tend to do the job on my own. I guess that is why I decided to make the decision to change my look last month and have my eyes checked and got new frames. For my birthday I wish that my husband and I could have a day to our self’s to maybe take a day trip or just be alone together. (Another opportunity to have the RV.) Go Green: Well I am not really a recycling freak but I do save my paper scraps after I cut stuff and reuse as much of it as possible on other projects. I like to try to think that I am helping by not throw that paper away helps to save something. Maybe not all the time you can save the paper and I have to go throw my paper stash and think how much More Can You Really Get Out of That Paper? and throw it away.

My gum of choice: I chew Trident because it is recommended by my dentist to help keep them healthy.
“I Love Peaches cause there so Delouses:” When I was a little girl my grandma had a Peach Tree in her back yard. We would go pick a peach and eat it right there. It was so YUMMY when they were fresh of the tree. This is one of the snacks that my little girl enjoys eating with me.
H2O: I included this in my tags because I struggle with health problems that REQUIER me to drink up to 4 to 8 bottles of water. Yes I make very many visits to the bathroom but it’s better than the alternative.
The Quickie: We work kind of weird Hours and sometimes we get home kind of late too late to actually eat something really heavy so this is a great way that I can keep my hunger down so that I am not as hungry in the morning.
Yummy: I am lack toasted and tolerant so this is one of the few ice creams that I can eat without much problems. It’s also something that I enjoy sharing with my little girl.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Christmas Blog Candy

More fabulous Blog Candy from Jude:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Candy

Here is another Fabulase Blog candy from Jude. She is doing these daily givaways to help raise the awarnes of Alzheimers. Please take the time to visit her blog:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cricut Wild Card Cartridge

I was trying to find out the best way to use the Wild Card Cartridge I have it and I have not made any of the envelopes because I don’t know how to work it correctly so here is what one of the other ladies directed me to, Hope it helps:

Below is MamaC chart of sizing for the Wild Card:
Envelope and Card measurements are made using a 12x12 mat. Envelopes are cut using “Fit to Page”. The cards are numbered according to the order in the handbook. #1 card is on page 32 of the handbook, #2 is on page 33…etc.

Thanks to Robyn the Pink Stamper for developing this numbering system. **Compliments of MamaC**

Card Description Envelope Size Card Size
#1 Scallop Card 3 ¾ inches 3 ¾ inches
#2 Argyle Card 6 inches 6 inches
#3 Square Card 4 ½ inches 4 ½ inches
#4 Stitched Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#5 Trifold Card 6 ¾ inches 6 ¾ inches
#6 Invite Card 6 ½ inches 4 ½ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#7 Booklet Card 6 ¾ inches 5 ¼ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#8 Oval Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#9 Birthday Card 6 ¾ inches 6 ¾ inches
#10 Joy Card 5 ¾ inches 5 ¾ inches

#11 Swoop Card 4 inches 4 inches
#12 Leaf Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#13 Tied Up Card 4 inches 2 ¾ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#14 Triangle Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#15 All in One Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#16 Tweety Card 5 inches 5 inches
#17 Circle Card 4 inches 4 inches
#18 Thanks Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#19 Wave Card 7 inches 6 ¾ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#20 Pinwheel Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches

#21 Doily Card 5 inches 5 inches
#22 Quotes Card 7 inches 7 inches
#23 Thinking Card 6 inches 6 inches
#24 Porthold Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#25 Flower Card 4 ¾ inches 4 ¾ inches
#26 Branch Card 7 inches 7 inches
#27 Hello Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#28 Star Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#29 Wow Card 4 ½ inches 3 ¾ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#30 Cupcake Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches Card Description Envelope Size Card Size

#31 Present Card 7 ½ inches 7 ½ inches
#32 Cake Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#33 Safety Pin Card 5 inches 5 inches
#34 Bandaid Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#35 Father Card 4 ½ inches 4 ½ inches
#36 Heart Card 4 ¾ inches 4 ¾ inches
#37 Pumpkin Card 3 ¾ inches 3 ¾ inches
#38 #1 Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#39 Gift Card 7 ¼ inches 7 ¼ inches
#40 Monster Card 5 inches 5 inches

#41 Owl Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#42 Graduate Card 7 ½ inches 7 ½ inches
#43 Ornament Card 5 inches 5 inches
#44 House Card 7 ¾ inches 7 ¾ inches
#45 Carriage Card 6 inches 6 inches
#46 Hanukkah Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#47 Celebrate Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#48 Shower Card 8 inches 8 inches
#49 Gift Box One 7 inches Gift Box Two (shift) 5 ¾ inches
#50 Envelope One 6 ¼ inches Envelope Two (shift) 5 ¼ inches

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This Blog Candy was unclaimed so it is up for grabs again. It is part of the weekly thing that Jude is doing to help make people aware of "Alzheimers and am fund raising, if you'd like to donate a craft item cards, altered notepads, decorative items, candles I would be truly grateful. Please take the time to visit her blog:

I am so excited I actually one my VERY FIRST Blog Candy Yesterday from her. I can't wait to play with some of these really great things. Yeah!!!:)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Candy from Jude....

Here is more candy from Jude at: Good luck ladies!! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Candy....

There is another great Blog Candy from Jude at: She is doing a daily giveaway this is so fun!!! If you don’t win one time you may win another!! :)