Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday Card & Gift

Birthday Card & Gift, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

I made this card for my mom's friend at Jim's Frontier Cafe. The lady that is their waitress swaps cake recipes with my mom and dad. I though that this would be perfect combination of gifts, so my mom made the cupcake and I made the card.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New York Page

New York Page, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

Well it’s finally finished!! And just in time to take it to Austin to deliver it to Vicky!! This is a Scrapbook page that I did for my sister in law for her friend that is getting married. Vicky lives in NY City and we had been working quite hard together working out colors though scans in e-mails. I air brushed the edges of the paper and used pop dots to make the flowers leaves pop up and the picture frame. The tag can come out and there is a message on the back for the new bride and groom from Vicky and her fiancĂ©. I think this page came out very nice!! I really like how the bottom came out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fathers Day Card

Fathers Day Card, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

This card is for my dad’s Fathers day. Last week he found a baby White Wing Dove in his back yard. We don’t know if a cat got to it or not. Then Yesterday he found another one that was cut across his chest we have taken both birds to the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation so that the birds would have a chance of survival. The baby probably made it but the other one was really bad we have to wait to hear on that one. It's really cool taking the birds to the place about a week or so latter you get a postcard and it tells you if the bird was a male of female and how it's doing. So if you ever find a hurt wild animal try to find a Wildlife Rescue in your area and take it there they will take good care of it. Oh but don’t forget to leave a donation anything helps it’s better then not leaving anything at all.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Stamp Swap

Hi ladies Do you have a lot of stamps? Do you have doubles? Do you buy stamps that sometimes end up collecting dust and you have not found that project to use that stamp on just yet? Then you need to check out the Great Stamp Swap!! We on Scrappers Delight on Ning are swapping our stamps that are just this. If you would like to take part in this swap please go to join the group and go under the Forum categories Swaps Title of the discussion is “Possible Next Swap.” We would love to have you come on over and take part we just completed a swap and we are waiting for our cards.

This Swap Group is not like some of the others where you have to make 10 or 15 cards and send it to everyone. This group is for the busy mom that like to take part in the swaps but does not have the time to make all of the same cards, tags, you get the idea. When we do our swaps you only have to do one item and you will have a random person that you will send your things to. You could have someone in the UK or in the US. It’s really fun to have a person overseas I have had several and their things are so cool it’s like things are way different there. Yes everyone has there own way of creating and that plays a big role in it but to me it’s really cool. Hope to see you come over, have a great weekend. (For easy access I have made the harder the Link to the Ning Group)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Day Card Revised

Mothers Day Card Revised, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

This card is one of two cards that I made for Mothers Day one for my mom and one for my mother in law. Not sure who is going to get what card but I used my Easter gift on this card to do the embossing of Happy Mothers Day. I also used the idea with the flowers from my kit that I received from Sheree at Thanks for the inspiration Sheree.

I hope everyone has a Happy Mothers Day!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Owl from Wild Card Cricut Cartridge

This card was sent to one of the members on Scrapers Delight on Ning . Tracy at WON the Members Rewards!! Congratulations Tracy!! I didn’t want to post the card till I know you had received the package. I am so glad that you like your things I look forward to spotting out the stuff you got from me on your cards and other things you make with the stuff. Enjoy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dog Party Invitation

I sow an idea like this at fantastINK her card was so very cute. Since I sell Shure Pet Products I thought that it would make a great invitation for the Dog Parties. So this is my rumination of her card. Thanks for the inspiration.