Friday, June 1, 2012

Scrappers Delight Favorite Book or Movie Swap Call

So I have some time today and I know I have not been a very good blogger but I thought I would share with you that are following this blog that we at Scrappers Delight we are having a Swap this month. The theme is Favorite Book or Movie card or project. We did a swap last year that was a fairy tale theme and this was my swap person card I received from Rhonda.

So if you’re thinking about taking part in the swap I will need you to message me at and tell me that you like to take part in the Favorite Book or Movie Theme Swap For the month of June we will be doing a Swap I need all names that would like to participate in by June 9th after the 9th we will not be taking anymore names. The Swap is using your imagination to create your Favorite Book or Movietheme, now you can interpret this any way you like from childhood books, or a fairy tale wedding, or something like a theme of a certain move...whatever you feel it means to you. You can also create whatever you like does not have to be a card form unless that is something you would like to do, let your imagine run wild. The Swap will Ends on June 24 so hopefully you can get your packages out in the mail and the receivers will have time to get it before the end of the month.
This month’s theme was brought to you by Rhonda this month and I just can’t wait to see what the members of Scrappers Delight come up with this month!
So come join us on Facebook we love to have you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Scrappers Delight Challenge

Today I am sharing with you a New Project I did for Mothers Day, the Idea was taken from the Challenge we were doing on our Facebook Page Scrappers Delight. Please join us on our next online even may it be a Challenge or a Swap. The May Challenge was to take two different brands of stamps and bring them together to create a new.

So here it is, I been doing quite a lot of sewing here lately instead of scrapbooking and all I decided to make myself something to hang on the wall or door to my crafting room. I had this old handing sign laying around that I used when I had my old business Amber’s Paw Stop and I thought it was about time I stared to recycle it. I painted it white I don’t remember how many coats I had to put on to cover the old paint that we had on it. Then I attempted to do the technique where you use Mod Pudge to transfer printed Images onto a serface this kept going wrong and I finally gave up my attempt to transfer the Mom’s Creative Corner onto the wood.

So I decided I would make a trip to Hobby Lobby and see what they had out for Mother’s Day and well, I didn’t find anything that interested me till I found the Tim Holtz section! WOW that was inspiring for sure this was a NEW section at my Hobby Lobby! I purchased his stamps with sewing and his Die Cute for the Cuttlebug, witch by the way I still love using! I finally had some creative flowing coming through. I originally purchased the little flowers I used for my daughters Fairy Costume I was making to match her American Girl Doll costume I made. I thought they seemed to fit nicely in this project too!

For images I used Magnolia Tilda Sweet Rainbow Coll. - Sweetie Tilda along with Shery K Designs vintage-furniture 006 and I merged GraphicFairy sewing printable vintage image all together to create the right side. I colored the image using a few different copic markers. For the background I just stamped right onto the wood using Tim Holtz stamps and his distress inks with his new spray. I found the spool of thread already decorated in my mix of things I had from when I was a little girl (been trying to clean house too.) Well I hope this projected inspired you to go out and try new things even if they don’t come out the way you intend you can make something else out of it and it can still be beautiful!

Happy Crafting,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Apple Raisin Bread Pudding & Cream Soda Sauce Recipe Cards

So if you’re following along with the last entry for my blog I have been playing around with digit Kits and this last year’s Christmas I gave out Recipe cards in a form of a small book. Here is one of the recipes I made using many different kits.

If you’re interested in your own copy you can contacted me throw our Facebook Page and I will share with you the file.                          

Embellishments & Kits Recognized:

DHD – Celeste-Knight-Weathered Freebie Digital Frames

DHD – Gennifer Bursett – Gidget Patterned

Kristen Rice - Prima Other Ballerina Kit – Stitches04 & Epoxy Dots01

Kristen KStudio – Teachers Pet Kit

Pumkins and Posies – Adobe Brush Kit – Tuttlebug Tree

Pumkins and Posies – Adobe Brush Kit – Fruit Salad

Shabby Princess – Happy Go Lucky Kit

Shabby Princess – Holiday Recipe Collection – Instructions & Directions Font

Shabby Princess – Amy Teets – Sun Porch Kit - Staples

Surgar Plum Paperie – Freebie Treasured Kit – Moments No9 Paper

Twin Mom Scraps – My Hearts Dream Kit

Twin Mom Scraps – Kitty Crush Tag Cluster

Twin Mom Scraps – Kitty Crush Layer Border

Font for Card Title - Freeze!