Thursday, August 27, 2009

BLOG CANDY!! Yummy....

My friend Jude at Crafts-International is giving away this so very sweet candy!! And Yes it is very sweet, If you are so lucky to win and you happen to be in the US you will receive this fibulas stash that is from the UK. You will be very happy to have this stash it is defiantly a great gift if you are from the US. I can’t find this stash here in Texas so, Good luck and enjoy if you win!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gifts Received

Ok so in with many of the wonderful swaps I have received varies gifts. They have been so great I wanted to share with you some of them. Since I live in the United States Texas to be exacted I don’t think we get this catalog here in the states at least I have not seen them at the stores. This is what Jude has sent to me:

You should pop on over to her blog and take a look she occasionally has Blog Candy posted and she is helping her mother’s nursing home raise money by selling her cards.

Here are the gifts that I have received from Tracy!

I love both of these gifts they actually have some things within them that I am already thinking of ideas for upcoming cards. I have a wedding coming up that I need a card for and I think this picture will work so pretty for a wedding card. Along with the embellishments that Jude sent to me I think the card would look so pretty.You Girls sure do know how to Spoil a girl!! Thanks so much I will defiantly be posting what I come up with.

Summer Time Fun

Here is my Summer time card I sent this card to Syn along with my Fashion Glam ATC card. I embossed the cut outs and used watercolor paper so that when I used the watercolor it would not bleed.

Recycle and Recues

I just had to share these with you. This is something I came up with out of the Blue. These are Aluminum bottle caps that I turned in to flowers. The back is the caps and I punched out flowers and curled the tips and put the flowers over lapped inside. They came out so cute, lastly I finished them off with leaves on the backs.

4th of July Cards

These cards were from the swap on Scrappers Delight on Ning. The card on top was the card I made and sent to Tracy the one on the bottom is what I received from Syn. Since Tracy is from Scotland I thought I would incorporate the Colors of Our Texas Flag in with my card. It works perfect since they are fourth of July colors too.

Birthday Greetings

These cards are made for family. One was from my husband’s grandmother and the other was for my husband’s Aunt. I think they both came out very cute!! I really enjoyed making them both.

The next card I made for my husband’s mother. Shush don’t tell her it’s posted here. Her birthday is still yet to come. Have you seen the New Version/ Dell commercial and they sing the Lollipop Lollipop on. Well I was a bit inspired to make this card from that. She used Apple though but she will not know that it was inspired by a dell commercial.

ACT Trading cards on Ning: A group within Scrappers Delight

From Tracy

From Syn

Ok I am a bit behind Bloging here!! So I will start with the first thing. These are the cards that I have received from our swaps. One was from Syn and the other was from Tracy. The theme for our swap was Glam. Both these cards came at two different times, our July swap and our Glam swap but they are both really pretty!! I love how Tracy made her corset pop up it looks so awesome. Thanks so much girls!!

Here is what my Glam Card looked like:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Member Rewards on Ning

This stuff here is being given away on all you have to do is Join the group and take part in the forums and put your name in on to be put in the drawing!! Our group is really fun and I bet you will have a good time we have swaps just about once to twice a month and we do swaps where you can get some of these stuff, cards, and ribbon, all kinds of stuff. We are FREE so come check us out you might thank me for it!! :)