Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog Award

Thank you Tracy at for this award. I am a bit behind on posting this award so here is I need to post five things about yourself, and then pass it onto five wonderful blogers of this award.

This is kind of hard since I just posted my tags below that has 12 personal things about me so I am going to say that will cover my 5 things if that's ok with everyone.

Now the people that I am going to give this award too are the following:
1. Lori at
2. CraftySuz at
3. Anne at
4. Grandma's House of Cards
5. Expressions of Me!


Lori said...

Well, congrats on your award Rebecca! That's wonderful. So glad I'm listed as well. I've never gotten an award before! I'm off to my blog to list 5 things about me and find 5 other bloggers--that won't be too hard! Thanks again!

Suz said...

Congrats on your award Rebecca.

Thanks for honoring me with the award.

Sharon Caudle said...

Congrats on getting your award, Rebecca! I'm very honored you thought of me for it too! hugs!

Charlene said...

Hi Rebecca!!! Congrats on your award!! And thank you so, so much for giving it to me!!!! Hugs, Char

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Hi Rebecca! Thanks so much, and congrats to you, you certainly deserve it!
By the way, Havok is doing just great. He was drugged up and woozy the whole afternoon after we brought him home, but he's just fine now. Sure hope he learned his lesson!
~ Anne