Monday, September 21, 2009

We Are Home Owners!!

So on Sunday we closed on our new / gently used 2007 Jayco 29 BHS RV. Yeah I am so excited about it; I went and purchased a few items to place in the RV that day to make it ours. I even went throw my kitchen looking for things that I could add to it. It was so very nice of the perverse owners to give us with the RV a few things like utensils and plates to get us going. They even left some Toilet Paper, how kind now we know what to get. So here is what it looks like.

Last but no means least after my husband and I last night settled into our old 1950's home I realized I really should thank the sells man that was helping us at the location at Crestview, in Selma. We ended up going throw with an individual that needed to move this RV to pay for some other expenses. So last night while I was doing the Lundy I made this card and tock it to him today. His name was Jake and he was SO SO Helpful and if the deal didn’t go throw with the individual we were going to get a BREAND New RV that would have been smaller from him that is how nice we liked working with him. So I hope that he can put our card up on his desk and show it to his customers because we wrote a very nice letter about what type of person he is and how he did such a helpful job with us, and when we are ready to tread up he will be the one we go see First! So Jake if you happen to see this posting....Thank YOU and we will be seeing you around Crestview when we need parts.
I am so excited we have our first trip planed for 2 weeks from now to Del Rio but my husband just can’t wait we have the bug and we are itching to go some were. Today we went and purchased a generator so that we could go out This weekend instead, my family has about 35 accrues of opened land in Seguin, TX that has a well on it and that’s about all. Since our RV is a Self contained RV then we could just about camp there without any worries. The windmill if I recall needs repair but when I was a little girl with the well filled up I would play in the over flow sprout that made like a shower. It was so much fun then. Memories like this will make my little girls life so much happier. I think it will be so much fun to for Penelope to see the deer, jack rabbits, and Horny Toads. (is that spelled correctly?) Yes we can’t forget about the Snakes and oh my very big spiders out there but it’s defiantly an experience that she will never forget hopefully. Thankfully my aunt and uncle lives across the HWY if anything comes up, she is a retired RN that also RV’s the great US. So we will have some experts not to far away on the first time out in our RV.

Oh Please do leave me Suggestions on Parks and places to go!! We have to go to NY next year around the end of July and start of August. We would LOVE recommendations of places to visit!!


jude said...

Wow congratulations on your holiday home hun,im sure it will bing many happy memories for you all.The card is so cute and im sure Jake will be touched by your kindness,on that note thankyou for all the help in spreading the word for my alzheimers fund raising thanks again much appreciated.
Hope your well?
love n hugs judex