Saturday, December 27, 2008

Custom Turned Designs

My first try at pen making
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So my husband has this hobby and he wanted me to share it all with you girls!! He just started it and I have provided a link to his New Blog page that I created for him He has been in the woodpile and he looks at everyone’s pile of brush now when he finds great pieces of wood he makes pins from branches of trees. One of these shown is actually turned from one of the two trees at our house, the center one is Pecan. They made excellent Christmas presents this year for the family. He would like to start to sell them. He has not got the site up and going all just yet because he is just learning how to work the site but he would like to set it up so that you can purchase them there too. All of his items are one of a kind and no one thing is the same as the other. He is planning on making other items so please check him out when you can I have a link on the left side of my page also set up.