Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Trees Completed!!

So here they all are!! Finally they are all finished!! I will put 2 trees per table for the party there is 5 tables! I think they came out very nice. Witch one is your favorite? Mine is the white one.

I had some comments on a forum about how to make these so here are the directions good luck and if you have any questions I will try to help you with a little more explanation.

All I ask is that you do not summit this project to be published without my OK. I came up with this idea just by looking at another picture in a magazine and it was a metal tree I believe.

3Demantali Christmas Tree
Items Needed:
Cuttlebug Machine and spacers
Cuttlebug 2''x2'' Dies 4/pkg-Flower #1
Cuttlebug 2''X2'' Die-Snowflake #2 or Star punch
Something to punch a small hole not a hole punch size just a little smaller.
Thin Popsicle Sticks
Pretty paper of your choice for Tree and Star
Craft Glue and Glue Stick or glue dots

How To:
Cut your Flower dies from the paper that you’re planning to make your tree from, one of each 4.

Then cute 2 of the lager Star from the Snowflake die or use your Star punch.

Then punch your hole in the center of the 4 flowers.

Next cut a line between the scalps of the flower to the hole, do not cut the flower in two.

Now it’s time to assemble the tree, start with the larger flower first. You have a choice of gluing the flower overlapping one or two of the scalp parts of the flowers. (I made a verity of both types.) As you’re doing this you need to make sure that your stick will fit in the hole that you’re going to be leaving so as your gluing the flower you should check the popsicle stick if it will fit in the middle of the hole your leaving. You can put a little bit of the Craft glue to hold it in place on the Popsicle stick for the trees stem. You will do this for all 4 remember to start with the bottom up, leaving a small bit to attach the star.

Last but no means last you will glue your stars on the top of the stick. Hopefully you left some room on the stick. You should glue one star on one side and the other on the other side, back to back with the stick in the middle.

The tree is complete now; you will have to come up with your own stand. I used soda pop bottle leads. You could use clay and form it so that it looks like a dress skirt.

Hope this helps have fun in making them.