Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Christmas Trees

So I had to take a brake form all the cards I have been making. Instead I have been making these trees using my cuttlebug die cutter and the flower cuts. They are coming out so neat, I have finally figured out how I will get them to stand on their own. My husband and I drink lots of watter and he drinks Coca Cola. So we had all these bottle caps and bottles and we got to thinking what if I use them by putting holes in the tops and sticking the sticks in to help them stand. I know the caps have writing on them but I everyone here in town is talking about going "Green" and recycling things. I just recycled it into nice trash I guess. I don't think it really matters what the caps say what do you think? I still have not come up with anything else to put with them just yet. I wanted to sprinkle some glitter but my husband said that might be a little messy to clean up, he's probably right. I have been trying to find maybe some Reindeer or a cute Santa that can stand on it's own but not having much lock on that right now. Maybe as the holiday gets closer.