Friday, March 27, 2009

Thin Mint Page

Thin Mint Page, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

This page was done for fun but I also did it for the Green Challenge on Flickr: Scrap Card Making Group. It’s not a card but its defiantly GREEN and it’s made with things that I reused. The Challenge was to come up with ways of using house whole items that you are going to throw away and if you can use it on your project. Water bottles have cool textures maybe roll it in a stamp and use it as a print. Labels on packages are very nicely colored cut out things from the plastic. Mail outs, the junk mail sometimes has really pretty things on it maybe us it to cut stuff out of to. So when our very nice UPS guy gave Penelope her very own Thin Mint when he came to eat lunch one day. I tock that as my opportunity to make this page for her. I really did not think it was a Green page till I started it. I tock the box of Thin Mints and cut it up most of the materials where scraps of paper that I had I only purchased the big green paper in the background and the paper that I mated the pictures on, oh yeah and the ribbon. The Buttons belonged to my grandmother and was in her sowing box I have been keeping them for something now they have a new home.


Sarah said...

What a cute blog! Love your cards, they are really sweet. Have a great day!

Teddyree said...

Oh Rebecca, I love the new look blog. I know I've already commented on flickr but your page of Penelope and the girl guide mint biccies is just too cute!

queenie said...

Love you new look blog!!!
great layout and love the idea behind it.