Sunday, March 8, 2009

Best Blog Comment Award

This award comes from my friend Karen Lee, at A Place to Share my Stuff. She always has very nice things to say about my postings. Thank you Karen for stopping by and allowing me to pass on this award to some of my other friends that stops in to leave me comments. So I have looked everywhere for one of your pages addresses and I can't find it so I hope that you will probably comment and leave them here. These are my nominations for the 5 to recieve this award:

Sheree - Exserps from the Edge:
Tracy- Queenies:
Jana - 2 Worlds:
Andria - Iona-Rose:
Sheila I hope I have the rght e-mail for you. Please leave me your web address.

Okay girls please accept your award and post it on your blog and select 5 others to receive it.


Anonymous said...


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