Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Celebration Weekend Cards!!

I’m a bit behind on posting pictures of my cards and so many other things here are the latest from this weekend. We had Birthdays and Anniversary’s all in one weekend; they are displayed as special days occur.
Ironically I share my birthday with my husband parents; the same day is there anniversary. This is there card that I made for them. I used the Wild Card Cartridge but I had to widen the oval a little for the picture to fit in. Off hand I can’t remember what the cut was for the card and the envelope I do know that they didn’t go together but I made them go.
The Next day on the 22nd is my father in laws birthday. He LOVES Guitars!! So this card was made from several cartridges. The Wild Card and the Ideal Art. I welded them together to make the card and then I altered it with my scissors. His envelop was the one for the House on the Wild Card Cartridge I also altered it with a punch for the trim.

Then on the 23rd is my sister in laws birthday. She LOVES “twilight” the movie. So this card was the best one for being the first gift. I used here several cartridges too on this card. It consisted of Ideal Art, Home Decor, Wild Card, and Platinum School Book.