Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Award!

I received this lovely Blog Award from Andria at!! Thank so very much!!

Anyway, along with the award are some questions to answer. One word answers here goes:

1) Where is your cell phone ?- in my purse
2) Your Hair? – Dark Blond
3) Your Mother? – Eating Lunch
4) Your Father? - Eating Lunch
5) Your favourite food? - Spaghetti
6) Your dream last night? - Can't remember.
7) Your Favourite drink? – Alcoholic would be Watermelon Jolly Rancher
8) Your dream/goal? – To have a store front for Ambers Paw Stop
9) What room are you in? - My Office
10) Your hobby? - In the Office with me
11) Your Fear? - Growing old and leaving loved ones behind with passing.
12) Where do you want to be in 6 years? - Still Happy
13) Where were you last night? - At home just came back from Seguin, TX
14) Something you arent? – This is hard, not a Scientist
15) Muffins? - Allergic.
16) Wish list item? - Gypsy
17) Where did you grow up? – San Antonio, TX
18) Last thing you did? – Cashed out a customer
19) What are you wearing? – Jeans, Nice Dress shirt and Brown Shoes
20) Your TV? – No on
21) Your pets? - Dogs.
22) Friends – MANY! :)
23) Your life? - Crazy
24) Your mood - Crazy
25) Missing someone? - Grandparents
26) Vehicle? – Cadillac Escalade
27) Something your not wearing? - Makeup.
28) Your Favourite store? – Jo Ann’s, Stamp Antonio, and Journey Lane
29) Your favourite colour? - Pink
30) The last time you laughed? – I guess it was yesterday.
31) The last time you cried? – 2 days ago watching a movie
32) Your best friend? – Dustin, Krystal, and Amy
33) One place that I go to over and over? – Pet Shows
34) Facebook? - Yes
35) Fvourite place to eat? Marie Calendars

Know to give the award away:
1)Lori DiAnni at http://scrapmomsmusings.blogspot/
2)Tracy at
3)Caudle at
4)Heidi Anne Giebel at
5)Clare at


Queenie said...

Beautiful award Rebecca and loved reading all about you and wooohoo thankyou so much for thinking of me.Ihave a few awards to post myself and will put this one up at the same time.
Big hugs and smiles
It is 12.29pm here time for bed or i will have big baggy eyes later,lol.

Clare said...

thanks so much, Becca! How thoughtful! I will post it on my blog as soon as I have the chance...:)