Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Birthday Gift!

I received enough money this year to get the Gypsy! Wow this thing is so Assume!! I could have used it this weekend with all the cards that I had to make. I am so excited to use it, I am still trying to learn how to use it and all the feathers it has. Some time back I was thinking about getting the Juke Box but man I am glad that I didn’t this little Gypsy will hold all of my Cartridges in it so I don’t have to keep changed out the cartridges or have to get the Juke Box. If you already have the Cricut or you’re asking Santa to get it skip out on the s software and just get the Gypsy! It’s replaces the software just about I have not learned yet nor know if I can transfer my files over to the Gypsy from the software. Does any one know of some places were I can get some help on how to use this thing? The Website Video’s don’t work as good as YouTube for some reason.