Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Gifts

So this year for Christmas my gifts were of a variety I have been playing around with some digital design. I been using lots of wonderful Freebies from lots of really neat places trying to get my feet wet on how to do some of this stuff. Here is one of the most involved gifts I did this year.
In this projected I used the Free kit from Shabby Princess at this is a wonderful kit for new-bees! Shabby has lots of wonderful Free Recipes cards that you can add to this project on her blog I tock the libratory of using some of her wonderful recipes in my gift but also using them as an inspiration to create more Recipe Cards for my gift. Here is a sample of one of the cards that I created:
If you like this and you like to add to your own please contacted me and I am happy to share with you the file.


Rhonda Miller said...

What fun gift ideas.

Queenie said...

Stunning Rebecca!!!

Wishing you and the family a wonderful New Year.