Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog Hop Winners!

Hello friends, I have been so busy the last month trying to move my home to a new location! It’s been so crazy I have not had the chance to post the winners for our blog hop we had last month. Even though I had not posted them I did already send them out to the winners so that they could be enjoying them as soon as possible and because I didn’t want to lose them in one of the boxes packed.

Before we get to the winners of the blog hop I know your waiting so long to here who they were then just wait a little longer. I wanted to show you the card that I made for the realetar that sold us our new house.I used lots of digi papers some from After 5 Designs and off hand I can't remember the other company but it turned out supper awsume and I used the suit cases from Tiddly Ink and shelby paper inside. I made a digi signatur stamp so that when I made the back I could have a nice place to write and still have my handmade logo on it. I put it all together to make this basket as a thank you to her, it has lots of yummie goodies inside to enjoy!
Now the winners of the Blog hop for the 1st place winner prize consisted of the calligraphy Japan symbols from Stamping Up Stamp Set and 4 Embossing powders

The winner for this prize was: Anniebee

The 2nd place winner prize consisted of 2 sets of Bling Stickers and 1 set of Runner Border Stickers. (Great for distressing!)

The winner for this prize was: jazzysmom2000

The 3rd place prize consisted of 1 Tilda goes Shopping Stamp 2 Perfect Pearls, and 1 Art Ascents Beads (Magnolia stamp is defected but not that bad can’t be returned! see image attachment)

The winner for this prize was: oreomama

I just wanted to thank everyone that played alone and everyone did great on the answers I used the randam drawing to help deturman the winners. I hope that you ladies that won will enjoy your gifts and I hope that some of you can get your blogs up and going soon so we can see your lovely work. Thanks again!


Rhonda Miller said...

Congrats to the winners.

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