Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Blog Hop

Welcome to the Scrappers Delight Summer Theme Blog Hop, we have decided to host this hop in celebration to Summer Vacation, if you’re an international visitor please feel free to play a long! There are 3 ways you could win this hop so here is the first thing you will have to do, following our blog hop and collecting the letters from the Scrapbooking Elements along the way. Once you have reached the last blog and collected all the letters make sure you check there blogs very careful as to not miss any of the letters, unscramble the letters to reveal a well known Summer Theme Song.

First Place Prize:
To win the first place prize you will have to unscramble the letters to reveal the name of the song and the band that sings that song.

Second Place Prize:

For the second place winning answer this question: The Song was written by Robert Lamm for the 1972 album, what was the name of the album it was on?

Third Place Prize:
For the third place winning answer this question: The song is played at what stadium and during who’s home game against the New York Yankees?

Once you have completed all the above make sure you return back to this blog to post your answers to the above questions so you can be entered into the drawing to win the above prizes make sure you leave a way we can contact the lucky winner. Make sure you sign up to the Scrappers Delight Group ( as we have many give always and monthly swaps and challenges going on throw out the year.

This hop will close on 8th July 2011 and the winners will be announced on 11th July 2011.
Good luck my friends there will be some other hints along the way as you go so make sure you take the time to read everyone’s blog postings.

This is my project that I have created using the Magnolia Stamp that is up for wins it is slightly defected but you can’t really tell where the defect is. This stamp was donated by 7kidscollegefund but can’t be returned to her. She can’t do anything about this defect other than trash it so instead of just throwing it out we thought we would give it away; Maggie’s are just too sweet to just throw them out and the defect is not that bad!

So you will be hoping on to Martina’s blog next at and before you go, I will leave you with your first hint you will be unscrambling a total of 4 words so have fun, thanks for playing and enjoy!


JenE said...

Great stamping and coloring! Love it!

Queenie said...

Hi Rebecca,
mine is up and working your project..beautiful!!

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

OK... So I went through the hop and at least 3 letters are missing but I'm gonna make a guess...

1)Saturday In the Park from Chicago?
2)Chicago V
3)I'm really guessing here... White Sox??

Thanks for the Hop! I'm so ready for summer!!

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

Sorry, the White Sox Stadium is 'US Cellular Field'. :)

Janet said...

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for including me in the hop. I had some problems with the post but I think they are all fixed now.Love yoor card BTW I am envyous of anyone who can color effectively Great job on the coloring.That is a really adorable stamp. TFS
Big Blog Hugs!

Anonymous said...

ok will give it a go

saturday in the park, by chicago from their chicago v album

wrigley field cubs v yankees

i know close but no points, well i tried

it was great fun

Lisa R. said...

Fabulous card. Love the image. Layering is great! TFS joy4umetoo at hotmail dot com

Lisa R. said...

Saturday in the park. TFS joy4umetoo at hotmail dot com

JenE said...

Great blog hop!!!! The song is Saturday in the Park by Chicago from the 1972 album "Chicago V". I have no idea about the stadium. I'm assuming Wrigley Field (cubs) or Comiskey Park (white sox).
JenE, blossom93 at yahoo dot com

Anniebee said...

Well, this is a new twist on the whole blog hop premise! Cool! Being a Chicago fan, I can almost guess the answers to the questions but I'll do the hop first! LOL!


Anniebee said...

Just finished the hop and unscrambled the clue. The song is Saturday in the Park and the '72 album was Chicago V. The song is reportedly played at both Wrigley Field and Yankees Stadium during home games played on Saturdays. I'll guess that it's Wrigley Field Cubs vs. Yankees games.

This was a really fun blog hop! Thanks for hosting and for the opportunity to win some cool new crafting goodies!

anniebeescraftroom at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Very clever, Great card!
Hugs Julie P

Rene said...

Super CUTE!!! Love your awning!
Rene :D

cabio's craft corner said...

Such a cute and delightful creation :o)

lvtaz2000 said...

Hi: The song and album are Saturday in the Park, Chicago is the group, it is played before the Cubs and Yankees games. What a fun play. Thanks.

Elle said...

I really think your card is great!

Sandy S. said...

Super cute card. The blog hop was fun. The song is Saturday in the Park.


Anonymous said...

#1---Chicago---Saturday in the Park
#2---Chicago V
#3---Wrigley Field and Chicago Cubs

Sonya Hubley is m contact information....

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should have worded my answers more complete...LOL Sorry about that. The song Saturday in the Park by Chicago was played at Wrigley Field before the Chicago Cubs vs the New York Yankees game. The album itself is called Chicago V. I like your blog and all of the ones I visited along the way!
Sonya is my contact information.

Janell said...

Your card is very pretty. I like the stamp and don't see anything wrong with her. My guess is:
Saturday in the Park by Chicago, on their album Chicago V and is played at Wrigley Field where the Cubs play.

Theresa said...

1)Chicago---Saturday in the Park
2)Chicago V
3) Wrigley Field and Chicago Cubs
I have to admit I had some help from my hubby :)
What a GREAT hop, that was fun!

Cyndi S said...

Very cute.
cstephenson at q dot com

Cyndi S said...

#1 "Saturday In The Park" by Chicago 1972
#2 Chicago V
3. Played at Wrigley field for Chicago Cubs home games and at Yankee Stadium for the games against the New York Yankees.

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