Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet me and more of our Design Team Members

Hello and Welcome to my blog!! My name is Rebecca and I live in San Antonio, TX. I am the administrator of this blog and the community Scrappers Delight located on the Ning network. I was always interested in the arts. When I was a little girl my grandmother started me out in painting and from then I went on and learned other art skills from dancing, jewelry making, ceramics, mosaics and others. When I was in High School I took Art classes and I enjoyed them for the most part I think it became more fun as I took art classes in College. I started out in drawing then paining and then I tock Design and last Art History. I loved all these classes!! They were so fun; if I were to go back to school today I would have to have some kind of art class on my schedule. I was going to school to become an Art Teacher, life has happened and I got married and have a little girl and can’t afford the cost of school, let alone the time. My friends with in the community and having all the fun things for them planned for this year helps to feel that dream in my life, it’s not teaching but its fun!!

I would have to say that I really got into the crafting was probably right after my little girl was born in 2008. I felt like this is a life that I want to keep recorded of her growths and many adventures within her life. As much as I like scrapbooking I would have to say that I really enjoy making cards. They are so fun and easy to proper!

I get inspiration from little things, sometimes it can be just a ribbon, a stamp, a die cut, and color. I do like looking throw craft magazines, YouTub, browsing blogs, and of course my friends photos in our community! This is all great inspiration, and sometimes I may take one thought and expand on it or mix it with someone else thought to make one new one.

I would have to say that my paper crafting abilities have defiantly improving! I find that doing the swaps on our community really helps because sometimes you can get great thoughts and inspiration just from someone else cards, how they assemble something, how they did something, and just being able to ask the sender questions. Practice makes Perfect so everyone has the opportunity to learn and get better, and develop their own skills and personality with in there own work.

Hi there! My name is Erin Smetak. I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids ages 5, 3 and 7 months.

My Background: I have been stamping and scrapbooking for 7 years. I started scrapbooking first when making a scrapbook of my honeymoon. Then, my friend held a Stampin' Up! party in her home, but I left there without purchasing any stamps and feeling that it would be a very expensive hobby. That same friend had a party a few months later, and after that party, I left with a long purchase receipt! The stamping bug had bitten me after all! It has taken me 7 long years to cultivate my crafting into something that people can actually enjoy! Those first cards are just awful! But, I have really grown as a stamper by doing challenges, and being open to suggestion and criticism. I have served on 2 design teams, 1 I am still on, AiFactory (digital stamps). And now this new one! Thanks Rebecca for this wonderful opportunity!

To New Stampers: Do not be intimidated by what others have created, instead be inspired by it! Take pictures of everything that you create. This way, you can go back and laugh at yourself and see how far you have grown and marvel at how your style has been cultivated!

What I Like to Work With: I am a cardmaker by trade. I try to fit a scrapbook page in at least once a year! LOL! They take SO long! And I really have to be motivated or challenged to create a scrapbook page. I put a lot of detail and thought into each page, thus the reason they take too darn long! I also love to alter items! My current favorite is making recipe boxes out of file boxes found at local office supply stores. I have even sold a few!

What Inspires Me: I am always open to inspiration. Especially color combinations. I love looking through catalogs at bedding sets, and even clothes have neat designs that I can take and apply to my cards. I also love architectural mags. where I can visualize layouts and see color combos. I also like to blog surf when I have the time, and take several ideas from several different blogs and put them together in 1 card. And most of all I love the thrill of a challenge! Give me a jumping off point and I'm as happy as a clam!

What do I Love About Stamping? 1. It's my creative outlet. I have always been artsy, but this is so much more. I can get crazy or subdued; go vintage or stay classic; go grunge or get whimsical. 2. I love coming up with new card ideas! I don't believe I have ever made the same card twice, as long as I've been stamping. Unless of course I'm making sets. 3. I love the finished product! I often sit down not knowing what the end result will be, and am always pleasantly surprised at the outcome! I'll often say that I can't wait to see how something will end up! LOL! 4. The thrill of simply creating! I just love to sit at my desk and just create. Even if I'm just playing around with a new set or an old one! 5. I have met some of my very best friends through this wonderful hobby! And thank God for the internet! I have friends all over the world! How amazing!!!!

So now that we are acquainted, go get your stamps and paper or pictures and paper if you're a scrapper, and come get crafty with us! We are going to have LOTS of fun this year!!!!!

My name is Jasmine Wilmany. I live in Southern California with my husband and two daughters.

I love to paint flowers onto canvas using oils or acrylics. But I spend more time on my love for paper crafting. It has endless possibilities. Paper is strong, yet delicate at the same time. I started paper crafting before it was called paper crafting. I have a passion for making different works of art by using the same materials.

Hey fellow scrap addicts!! My name is Niki_Ray I am a legal assistant by day and a scrap addict at night. I am a mother of three 11, 4 and 2 years old and a wife to my high school sweetheart for 13 years now. I first started scrapbooking in 1998 when my eldest was born and that was 8x11 and on construction paper…and I used Elmer’s glue…Hey that use to be ok. Then I went to a CM party with my SIL and my eyes were opened and the rest is history. In the last 2 years I have steered toward card making more then scrap booking and found that I absolutely love BOTH!!! I am so excited to start this adventure with Scappers Delight and cannot what to see where we are headed to next. I am currently a member of the design team If its Groovy as a card artist at or you can hope on over and give me a holler on my blog at: Thanks again to Scrappers Delight for the chance and I cannot wait to get scrappin!! XoXo Niki_Ray


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