Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vicky’s Tag

So this weekend my sister in law was talking to her brother Dustin that she had to make a Scrapbook page for her fiancé’s brother’s fiancé’s wedding that she is in. Kind of confusing I know. She does not scrapbook and didn’t think that her page would be that great. So I offered to help and we have been working though e-mails and we have been talking on the phone trying to figure out what we are going to be doing for this page. This is the tag that I made for the page, the picture at this moment is the only thing glued down since Vicky (my sister in law) is in New York and I am in Texas. Thankful Dustin’s mom is going to go to NY this weekend to help Vicky with her wedding plains and take the tag up to Vicky so her and Shawn can write a message to the couple in the picture. Then Dustin’s mom will bring me back what Vicky has up there. In May Vicky has to come in to Austin to help her other friend that is getting marred so we will be going to Austin to give her the page. She has got the main paper for the page and some little NY Stickers. I can’t remember the couples name but the page that I am doing for Vicky is “The Proposal” so it could very well be the first page in her scrapbook that they are put together for the new bride.