Wednesday, February 18, 2009

March Scraptastic Award

Importuned Notices: Just in time for the winner(s) for March!! All I ask is that you e-mail me for the rules before you post to your sight. I understand how sometime things get in the way and you may not be able to get right back to me on your nominations but the voting sight has to start at the beginning of every month so that everyone has an equal chance of being on the votes. If you send your nominations in late I may not be able to put them up. If you’re the only winner of the award then you need to send in by e-mail ( or response to this posting your 5 nominations. I will do the rest for you. If you fell to respond to me at all during the time that I allow then I will have no other chose to go down the line of nominations that have received votes next. If you’re the winner and in the chance that you do get back to me after the dead line you still are entitled to post the award to your page.