Friday, October 31, 2008

13 Days of Halloween: How well do you know scary movies?

This game was found in Paper Crafts Magazine: October 2008 issue. My cards are a little different from the ones they had on the magazine but I figured it was more fun to come up with my own idea instead. I also made a little extra cards for more fun! Hopefully some of the kid's tonight at the Halloween Party will enjoy them.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Havok's Thanks

Our Husky keeps getting out of our fence and our Neighbor is usually home when he is getting out and she tries to catch him for us. Or will go after him in their car. So for a thank you to them I made this little card. You can never have to many nice neighbors, usually you don’t have enough!!!

ABC Books

These ABC Books that are in the prose of making are going to be donated to the Methodists Children's Hospital Blue Birds Auxiliary.Every New mom that leaves the Hospital receives a bag with books we would like for our books to also be included in their bags. The goal is to make a total of Five Books but More is welcome if we accomplish more.The design of the book is very simple. If you take A you must have B because you will be putting B on the back of the A page. If your intrested in helping with this project then please e-mail me about the ABC books I can assign you some lettersalong with all paper for the books to keep them Uniform. Once one book is complete we can switch letters, someone might have ideas for other letters when they are thinking about their own.
To help with the creation of these books please let me know your interested either with a comment about this post or on the groups web site:

Metallic Halloween Dies

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This is another set of Halloween Dies that I sold on e-bay. This order also received free shipping. The Ghost was made out of tissue paper so I don't know if that is why the price of this particular item did not sell very well. I would have hoped to bring in more money then just $2.00. They also received a set of mystery dies that contained some hand cut dies that I cut from hand and created myself. If you are interested in a set of Halloween dies please let me know with either e-mail or a comment and we will talk about what you would like.

Halloween Die Cuts

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These dies were sold on e-bay. I offer free shipping on most orders. Pumpkins came with a set of Faces in several colors. The e-bay winner received a Mystery set of Halloween extra cuts. If you are interested in a set of Halloween dies please let me know with either e-mail or a comment and we will talk about what you would like. This last e-bay bidding brought me in $4.00 for what was shown.

Penelope's 6 Month Page

Here are my little girl’s 6-month pages. These photos have not been glued down yet because I wanted to know what everyone thought about the placement of the pictures. I am not happy with how the small pictures came out I would have liked to see them bigger. I do plain on tucking some of the pictures under the curly quos on the paper. What do you think?