Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Getting back in the groove

So it's been a while since I have done anything with my blog and crafting. I done the occasional project here and there just have not really devoted the time to any one craft. I decided this spring brake to go back to card making/paper crafting probably time to start working on the scrapbook too, that kind of fell to the way side. Well I joined this group on yahoo that the first swap was "trees" no rules just your idea of what it would be. I had quite a number of ideas but I just had a hard time pin pointing were to start. This is what I ended up with:

Unfortunately this is the only picture I can get to work at the moment to upload. It was actually pretty fun to make once I was able to set down and give it the time it needed. I don't think it was truly finished but I was afraid of over crowding, and I felt pressured to get it done since the group was already talking about a second swap and I just berry signed up for this one. It is what it is I made it so that the bottom part right under the image would be able to slightly tuck under to make the card stand on it's own, kind of like an aisle card but not quit. Hope you enjoy, and I hope to get more up here for all to see.

Supplies Used:
Magnolia Stamps: Tilda with her Kookaburra from the Australia Collection 2012 and Magnolia Branch from Sweet Rainbow Collection 2011
Punch: Martha Stewart Edger Punch Doily Lace
Dies: Magnolia Doohickey Tilda Lace and the Wild Rose Studio Specialty Die Little Butterfly
Papers: I used 2 unknown scraps and the background and foreground from The Green Stack 70% Recycled Paper 2008 DCWV Ink Premium Stacks